Environment and art

In the waiting room:

  • noise level less than 50 dB (i.e. quieter than a humming refrigerator)
  • daily freshly prepared ginger-lime tea in a samowar
  • back-friendly bench seat
  • literature of interest for the waiting people (in German and English)

At Pariser Platz (approx. 250 m away):

  • designer shop with its own manufactory “Pepafarina“.
  • “Lola”, a shop without environmentally harmful packaging
  • cafes like “CafeK” + “Fräulein Schlicht
  • second-hand Shops “RosenRot” + “UnGetragen”

At Lichtenbergplatz (30 m away)

At Lindener Marktplatz (go 2x around the corner)

  • every Tuesday and Saturday morning a colorful weekly market until 13.30h
  • various individual cafes and bakeries, an excellent shoemaker, clothes shops, two goldsmiths and a hat maker

Enjoy it!