Private Practice for Speech Therapy - Ute Görke-Vorwerk
Voice and speech - German and English

Welcome to my private practice for vocal and speech therapy in Hannover-Linden.

In my practice I offer vocal and speech therapy for children and adults in German and English language.
For each client I devote up to 60 minutes because after the lessons I usually inform the parents about the child`s homework. I also like to answer questions which might arise.
For children who need, in addition to their teacher, a special supporter (here in Germany there is the option of “Inklusion”), I offer to communicate with the teacher to engage in professional exchange of ideas about the pupil.
I always look for a way to communicate, no matter if a child is on an autistic spectrum or bodily or mentally challenged.
I also tutor in the school subjects German and English. Here I combine grammar, spelling and pronunciation with learning strategies, my speech therapeutic knowledge as well as with the psychologic method NLP (neuro linguistic-programming).

Please keep in mind:
Legally insured clients will not get their expenses reimbursed by their health insurance.

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